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“Helping you enjoy your home and life now, not later.”

We started Dwell Candy to bring interior design to everyone, no matter your location. We make great design accessible, engaging and personalized. We love helping our clients transform their homes, and in the process, we hope to make the world a happier place!

fahm About Dwell Candy | Meet the Team

Fahm Saeteurn, Founder

When my family stepped into our first real housing unit, we were in awe. After years of living in makeshift rooms in Southeast Asia, we were presented with real walls and a strong roof. The joy and hope I felt at that moment as a 7-year old remains with me to this day. For the next two years, my older brother (an artist) and I would transform our small apartment into a happy place to fit 8 people. I have fond memories of the time we found a bright orange sofa on the sidewalk and subsequently slip covered it, and I can still visualize my brother’s watercolor paintings dotting our living room walls.

Life was unpredictable in those years, but our home kept us safe and provided a solid foundation from which we could grow. As you can tell, Dwell Candy and the work we do is highly meaningful to me. Our mission is to improve lives, one home at a time. I feel incredibly lucky to be working alongside designers who share this mission, and to meet clients who are taking part in transforming their own homes.

jimmy About Dwell Candy | Meet the Team

Jimmy Wong, Co-Founder

I’ve always wanted to change the world for the better, but I was never sure how. After college, I went through the motions: got a job in finance and bought a home. It was during the remodel that I realized even though I had the know-how and capability to completely demolish and rebuild the house, I was at a complete loss when it came to design. My place was a hodge podge of poor color choices and incohesive decisions. Although I was never satisfied with it, I let my own home sit and fester in mediocrity for too long. The product we’re delivering gives people the power and flexibility to change their state of being now, not later. With Dwell Candy, I’m finally changing the world by helping people fall in love with their homes.

ditto About Dwell Candy | Meet the Team

Ditto, the Heart of DC

Woof woof WOOF! I’m a lucky dawg, I live in a loving home in the most beautiful city in the world. I have my own bed (it’s soft!), a sweet caretaker and a steady supply of delicious all-natural organic food. I joined Dwell Candy because I want every dog (and even cats, I guess) to have as great a home as I do! WOof!

DC logo2 About Dwell Candy | Meet the Team

Our Designers

Our designers are talented professionals from all over the world. Each designer is dedicated to making your vision a reality, and they each bring their own unique perspective and ideas to each project. Together, they work to bring you a spectrum of unique concepts for your home.