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5 Tips for Styling Your Bookcase


A well-styled bookcase looks as if it came together effortlessly. In reality, creating a well-styled bookcase takes patience and skill. Below, we share our best tips to help you transform your bookcase into an eye-catching display.

1. Fill it completely with books. This is the easiest way to style a bookcase if you have a ton of books. The bookshelf almost styles itself. Consider organizing books by height or color. Push books forward so they appear to be the same depth.

bookcase 1 5 Tips for Styling Your Bookcase

2. Stack books horizontally and vertically. To add interest to your shelf, place some books horizontally and others vertically. It’ll make the eye roam around the display.

Design Sponge2 5 Tips for Styling Your Bookcase

Source: Design Sponge

3. Add decorative objects. Place eye-catching objects, like an antique clock, a beautiful vase, or a small plant in between your books and on top of stacked books. This adds color, shape, texture and life to the arrangement.

Design Sponge 5 Tips for Styling Your Bookcase

Source: Design Sponge

4. Balance the display. Assess whether the bookcase is balanced visually. Is the weight evenly balanced on both sides? Is there a color that pops out in one area but not in others? Try removing items and placing them in different locations to strike a visually balanced display.

mydevstaging2 5 Tips for Styling Your Bookcase

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

5. Step back, analyze, and re-arrange. It takes more than one try to get the styling right. Once you’ve arranged your bookcase, take a step back and look at it from afar. Is it visually appealing? Is it interesting? Is the arrangement balanced horizontally and vertically? Do the colors work well together? Keep playing with books and objects until you get it just right!

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